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At Sierra Dance Institute, we offer a wide variety of dance classes for adults, teens, and children in a fun & vibrant atmosphere. We're located at the Grass Valley Center for the Arts in historic downtown Grass Valley. 

Our classes include all levels of Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, Hip Hop, Modern and Tap. We offer creative dance classes for children as young as 2 years old, and a variety of classes for 4-6 year olds.

In addition we offer Belly Dance, Monica's Dance Class, Partner Dance & Fusion Dance With Dawn

Please check out our class schedule and feel free to call or email with any questions you may have. 

Our Current Class Offerings

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How do I sign up for classes?

 Come in to the studio during class hours, fill out a registration form, and start class that very day, if you can! 

I can't start classes right away, will it be too late to join later?

 Some students prefer to settle into their school routine before starting dance again, and that's fine. Join us when you're ready! 

May I drop in?

 Of course! Our drop in fee is $15. The only time we don't recommend drop ins is right before a performance, when classes are running a lot of choreography.  


Which level do I belong in?

 For anyone over the age of 6, please talk to George or another dance instructor about placement. Except for our PreDance and KidDance classes, we sort you into levels based on your technical ability, not your age.
Returning students should also ask about their placement. A new year does not necessarily mean you should be moving on to a higher level. It takes many students 2 or more years to master a class. Don't rush, enjoy the dance journey! 

What should I wear?

  Although we don't have a dress code, we do ask that you keep your clothing modest. Please, no low cut tops baring a lot of cleavage, or shorts that allow your cheeks to show. If you find yourself tugging your clothing into place during class, you may want to rethink your outfit. Remember that you'll be spending a great deal of time looking at your own reflection in the mirror, so wear something that makes you feel good about yourself.  For ballet, it is best to wear a leotard with tights and a skirt.  Ballet slippers, jazz shoes, socks, or modern shoes are all acceptable choices for most classes. Sneakers or boots recommended for hip hop (please make sure they're clean!).  

When is tuition due?

 Tuition is due on the first of the month, prompt payments are appreciated! We accept cash and checks only, no credit card payments.
We certainly understand that everyone gets paid on certain days, and paying for dance classes on the first of the month just isn't possible. That's OK, as long as you make a habit of paying on a day that works well for you. Payments in advance are accepted as well (If you really want to, you can pay for your entire year up front!). 

FAQ cont:

I missed a class, can I make it up?

 Yes! If you miss a class for any reason, fear not, your tuition isn't wasted. Drop into any other class and let the teacher know that you are making up an absence. You may discover another class you want to take! 

Do I have to perform?

 Absolutely not. There is never any pressure to perform. 

I am a returning student. Do I need to fill out a new registration form?

 Only if your personal contact information has changed. If you've moved, changed phone numbers or email accounts, please fill out a new form. For ballet, it is best to wear a leotard with tights and a skirt.
Ballet slippers, jazz shoes, socks, or modern shoes are all acceptable choices for most classes. Sneakers or boots recommended for hip hop (please make sure they're clean!). 

Are food and drinks allowed in the dance studios?

 Water bottles only, please. Food and other beverages should be consumed before or after class in the lobby or the dressing room. 


additional Classes

Monica's Dance Class

Fusion Dance with Dawn

Belly Dance

Partner Dance

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